Meet the New Super Cute Characters of Pangkat Oyayi


A guy in a blue futuristic suit, a talking eagle, a tamaraw wearing a bandana, a butanding with a red lipstick, a tarsier in an orange skirt, and a mouse dear in a straw hat and reading glasses. Yes, they exist! Meet the new Super Cute Characters of Pangkat Oyayi and get to know how each of them makes very educational and fun-filled episodes.



Kuya Maki, the only human in the group along with the adorable talking animals will surely get your attention because of his brilliant leadership and genuine brotherly love. He is a friend on the go, ready to rescue anybody who needs help.


Bon Haribon is your ideal superhero. With his sharp eagle eyes, speed, and brave heart, he is always all set to defend what is right and protect those who are being oppressed.


If you are looking for a nice and loyal friend, then you will find Tama Raw. He puts great importance to honesty, sound reason, and good values.



Diva Butanding is a new sensation. If there will be a beauty pageant in Isla Oyayi, she can surely sing her way to the top of the competition! She could also be a very good fashion adviser if given a chance. But beyond these, she has a compassionate heart for the people, the environment, and the country.



Her eyes are full of wonder. Meet Tarsiera, the youngest among Pangkat Oyayi. She’s very emotional, deeply concerned and easily moved whenever something bad is happening around her. But despite being innocent and child-like, Tarsiera has a lot of love to share with everyone.



Dok Pil is your friendly little doctor. This smart mouse deer is health conscious and loves to exercise. If you are into health and wellness, then Dok Pil is the right companion for you.

But wait, the villains are there to try to snatch the fun!


Kuwago Zhibago is the robotic owl who will do everything just to accomplish his evil plans towards Isla Oyayi with the help of his three orange screw sidekicks, the Tor-nil-yons!



Are they not really new super cute characters? Let’s learn while having fun with them in the newest kiddie show for the whole family! Catch them at Oyayi every Sunday, 9:30 AM at ABS-CBN starting October 23!

Because FAMILY time is OYAYI time!