Oyayi Educational Package is Part of Smart School-in-a-Bag Campaign


Oyayi Educational Package (OEP) was included in Smart Communications, Inc.’s School-in-a-Bag campaign distribution of digital learning bundles to schools located in different parts of the Philippines. This is to provide educational access to far-flung communities with no electricity and internet signal.

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OEP consists of 1 DVD set with 13 Oyayi episodes each with a study guide to assist teachers on how to use the videos. This instructional aid has sample questions and suggested learning activities that will enhance the students’ learning experience and interest before and after they watch the video.

Each episode teaches issues relevant among the children and youth today, such as family, arts, culture, environment, and health.

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Students get even more excited to explore and learn whenever Oyayi clips were played. Teachers were also very thankful for the study guide that comes along with the kit because it will help with student engagement.

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Some of the schools reached were Kalumenga Elementary School in Maguindanao, Cabatangan Elementary School in Iloilo, Bakkungan Elementary School in Tawi-Tawi, Majaba Elementary School in Samar, and Don Nicanor Escutin Memorial School in Capiz.

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School-in-a-Bag contains laptop, mobile tablets, hard drive, LED TV, solar panel with batteries, smartphone, LTE pocket Wi-Fi, and the Oyayi Educational Package (OEP).

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The goal of Oyayi is to cultivate, promote, and rekindle lessons on family, arts and culture, environment and natural resources, responsible use of technology and social media, and disaster preparedness.

If you are a corporation, organization, or an individual who has the same goals,  you can contact Gina Romero via email, or visit Oyayi Official Facebook Page  for more information.