Pangkat Oyayi Surprised the kids at Robinsons Place Las Piñas


Pangkat Oyayi – Kuya Maki, Bon Haribon and Tama Raw, surprised the kids at Robinsons Place Las Piñas for Oyayi Meet and Greet last Sunday, November 27.

Games were held, testing the kids’ knowledge about values, love for nature, and love for the country with.  different prizes for the winners.

All the kids willingly participated while their parents took photos of them on the side of the playing area. Some of the daddies and mommies present on the event played as coaches while their children participated on the question and answer game.

The kids were even more energized as they danced along to the theme song of the show with the Oyayi characters.

Candid smiles are all over the place. It was indeed a fun-filled moment for the whole family.

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